• Nord Mebel Sp. z.o.o. is a multigenerational family company. We specialize in creating upholstered furniture in a variety of fabrics and leather. For over 30 years, we have developed in terms of production range, as well as technology, machinery and, most importantly, personnel. People are the once who give value to our company. Thanks to them, we are able to cope with any conventional and non-conventional idea of our customers. We also take care of creating our own collections. Attention to every detail, work culture, great commitment and creativity are the basis of everyday work at our company, moreover, this allows us to follow world trends in design. Our furniture is characterized by comfort and functionality with modern and elegant form with the highest quality of workmanship. Currently, our company, exports its products not only to EU countries, but also beyond its frontiers. We derive great fulfillment from the satisfaction of our clients who by their loyalty reassure us that we are following the right path.

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    Nord Mebel Sp. Z o.o

    Sportowa 11 13-100 Nidzica

    Województwo Warmińsko Mazurskie

    Phone number: Zbigniew Wiśniewski +48 663891360

    E-mail: nordmebel@nordmebel.eu

    NIP: 571 169 04 38

    REGON: 280424208


    Germany: +48 663 871 364 

    England: +48 690 866 400 

    Russia : + 48 663 891 360 

    Spain: + 48 690 866 400